Dress My Run changelog

Roadmap / Feature requests

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  • Updated weather display.
  • Weather now provided by forecast.io.
  • Future forecast times now available.

  • Customizable weather display Individual weather items can be hidden and moved in any position.

  • Modified weather display Updated the conditions layour. Added a map image to indicate location.
  • Social links Links to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ in the nav bar

  • Weather Underground weather provider Weather Underground will take priority, and provides much better accuracy, as well as including time zone data.
  • Additional presets for "Temperature Preference" settings There are now two (2) additional settings on either end of the spectrum. Each move away from "normal" essentially adds or subtract five (5) degress F to the temperature.
  • "How'd we do?" feedback submission was broken A javascript error was causing the form to not submit.

  • Site launched