About Dress My Run

Dress My Run is a tool to help people determine what to wear when they're planning to go for a run, based on the current weather conditions.

Questions & Comments

Please send any feedback, questions, or feature requests to my email address. I love to hear from users and value the feedback.


Weather forecast data is powered by Apple Weather. (For now, they have just announced that, after being acquired by Apple, they are shutting down their API).

IP address geolocation is provided by GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com.

Location search and reverse geocoding © 2018 Mapbox and its suppliers. All rights reserved.

Most icon and graphic content comes from The Noun Project.


Dress My Run was originally created to replace a tool that Runner's World provided. At some point they redesigned their site and the tool disappeared, so I built the initial version of Dress My Run as a replacement, but with some enhancements (fetching weather data and determining Location automatically, primarly).

Runner's World has since relaunched their tool, but you still have to manually enter your weather conditions.

I worked on-and-off for a few years on a new version of Dress My Run. In 2020 I finally completed a complete rewrite and launched the site you see now. I continue to work on enhancements and feature.

Techonology Stack

While I hope Dress My Run is useful, I realize it&s a very niche tool. I also use Dress My Run as an opportunity to work with technologies I want to learn or have a preference for that I don&t necessarily get to use at my day job. Here&pos;s what the site is currently built with:

The application is written almost entirely in Typescript.

On the backend the site uses NodeJS and the KoaJS web framework. The GraphQL API is built with the Apollo Platform.

The frontend is built with ReactJS. Styling is handled using styled components and Styled System. Internationalization and localization uses Globalize.